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Violent Crimes

Have you been arrested for a violent crime? These criminal offenses are often the most serious that a person may face. A violent crime may be classified as any criminal offense that involves force, violence or threats of violence upon another person.

Following are some examples of offenses that may be considered violent crimes:

  •  Assault
  •  Gang crimes
  •  Weapon offenses
  •  Hate crimes
  •  Forcible rape
  •  Domestic violence
  •  Robbery
  •  Manslaughter
  •  Murder

If you’ve been arrested or are under investigation for domestic violence, spousal abuse or child abuse, one of the most important things you can do is to consult a lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer can assist you by evaluating the matter, talking to you about what you have experienced and then by offering you information pertinent to your specific case. In doing this, a competent Lawyer can help you make the right choices about your case and about hiring a criminal lawyer in the first place.

Domestic violence is one of the more serious criminal offenses to be accused of. Although it may be classified as a summary conviction or offence or an indictable offence, being labeled an abusive parent or spouse may affect all areas of your life: your employment, your family, custody of your children, and your future opportunities in regard to housing, finances and obtaining professional licenses. Another factor that makes domestic violence charge so serious is the fact that, once law enforcement becomes involved, the case is no longer in the hands of the alleged victim. Once the police are called to the scene or once domestic violence is reported to the authorities, it will be in the hands of the prosecuting Lawyer to determine whether to prosecute. Even if the victim called the police in a moment of anger or does not wish to press charges, the Crown Lawyer will have the sole authority to determine whether to move forward with a case.