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Sole, Joint, Shared and Split

It’s important to know the two different types of custody – physical and legal.

Sole custody determines with whom the child(ren) live, and specifies which parent makes decisions related to health, education and welfare of the child. Joint custody is possible when both parents can work together successfully in the best interest of the child(ren).

Disputes over custody can cause much bitterness between divorcing parents and it can be easy to lose sight of what’s really important. We offer compassionate representation focused on the best interest of the child(ren) and protecting your rights. We’ll also help you work toward resolution before trial. When you take a child custody dispute to court, you are putting the outcome in the hands of the judge.

We can help you secure your rights for visitation. We handle extended visitation and supervised visitation.
We can help you draft and negotiate a parenting plan that is best for your child(ren) and protects your rights.

We provide legal counsel for both Child & Spousal Support. These are often the most contentious and stressful issues between former spouses. We are hands-on and attentive to ensure your best interests are protected.

Child Support
We will help you understand the Guidelines for child support and how they affect your rights and responsibilities. Child support usually continues until the child graduates from high school, but in some cases it may be extended for a disabled child or post-secondary education.

The final amount can vary based on a variety of factors including health care costs, day care expenses, spousal support, education costs, other children in the home or other child support obligations.

We can answer all of your questions in paternity, divorce and modifications proceedings and help you understand everything the courts will take into account.